The 2018 IEEE SciVis Contest is dedicated to the visualization and analysis of deep water asteroid impacts.

The Contest will be co-located with IEEE Vis 2018, October 21-26, in Berlin, Germany.

Make submission here.

Data is available here.

A document describing the data can be found here.


Asteroids of various sizes, speeds, and compositions are zipping around the solar system with potential future Earth engagements. Most of the earth is covered in ocean and impacts would likely occur in deep ocean water. The IEEE SciVis Contest 2018 is dedicated to the visualization and analysis of simulations designed to study asteroid impacts in deep ocean water.


Provide a summary of information in the data set.  Provide a summary of information in the data set.  It can be a summary of individual simulations, discrete time steps, or even features. The summary can be in any form deemed useful in describing the data set.  This could include renderings, plots, scalars, narratives, etc. The contest will reward creativity in exploration and interpretation of the data. The data lends itself to both science and art will be rewarded as will techniques that enable analysis. The simulations were originally created to study asteroid generated tsunami(AGT).  Are tsunamis generated? What are the near and far field effects of the impact? What and when are the major events in the simulations? How can you tell? Does an airburst affect wave size? How does the angle of impact affect the crater, AGT, near and far field? Is there anything unexpected? Discontinuities in the data? In addition to a normal ranking of the analysis, extra recognition will be given to unique insights and visualizations:

  • Best Report Cover Visualization
  • Best Visualization of Pre-Impact Asteroid
  • Best Visualization of Water in Atmosphere
  • Best Use of Vectors